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Everything you need to know about Ashwagandha

Fitness enthusiasts like us are naturally curious about the impact of Ashwagandha on muscle building and fat loss. We already know it can help reduce cortisol levels in the body, but does that translate to improved fitness outcomes? Stay tuned to learn more! Cortisol is a hormone with various functions, including stress management, blood sugar […]

The Playful Explorer’s Guide to Jalan Malioboro in Indonesia

We took a rickshaw ride toward Malioboro Street, the largest shopping street in Yogyakarta. You can find anything and everything in this location. It’s the ideal place for shopping in Yogyakarta, and you can bargain with sellers to get things at a lower price. We took a Grab Taxi to our next location, XT Square. […]

Sumur Gumuling: A Journey into Indonesia’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Yogyakarta is a bustling town with around 500,000 people and is the most popular tourist destination on Java. Yogyakarta is well-connected with a good train station, an airport, and highways. In ancient times, this city was covered in water and initially designed for travel by boats. Later, a massive flood came, drying up all the […]

Indonesia’s Chromatic Wonders of Rainbow City & Blue City

The two cities are separated by a bridge. This area used to be shanties and was not in a liveable condition. The government eventually decided to remove this area due to its poor condition. However, a new idea was presented by a university, suggesting not to demolish the city but to transform it into a […]

Unveiling Tumpak Sewu, Indonesia’s Tallest Waterfall

Today’s plan was to see Tumpak Sewu waterfall. Here are some details about Tumpak Sewu waterfall. It’s one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia, with a height of 120 meters. The area isn’t too crowded yet, so if you’re coming to Bali, heading to Java to see Tumpak Sewu waterfall is one of the best […]

The Epic Journey of Indonesia’s Mount Bromo Adventure

Mount Bromo is a volcano in Indonesia, and let me tell you, it was one of the craziest and coolest places we’ve ever been! At Mt. Bromo, you get to make your own adventure. You can hike and see amazing views of the volcano, and you even get to cross a sea of sand to […]

Indonesia’s Top 4 Beaches at Nusa Penida for Every Traveler

Always try to stay 2-3 days at Nusa Parida. One-day tours are rushed, and there won’t be much time to sit, take a walk, and enjoy the places.We had a long sleep last night as we were so tired and woke up quite late, around 10 am. Our first travel location was Nusa Penida, a […]

Indonesia Travel Guide Join us on an adventure in Indonesia! It’s a land with stunning views, ancient stories, and a tapestry of exciting experiences. While it might not be as famous as some other places, like Singapore and Thailand, Indonesia has a great system for traveling, making the journey smooth and magical. Let’s explore the […]

Where Skyscrapers Touch the Sky and Dreams Come to Life

In the heart of the desert, Dubai stands as a testament to human ingenuity. This article unveils the city’s allure, exploring the juxtaposition of futuristic skyscrapers against the backdrop of traditional souks. Join us on a journey through the wonders of Dubai, where innovation meets tradition in a dazzling dance of modern marvels and timeless […]