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Join us on an adventure in Indonesia! It’s a land with stunning views, ancient stories, and a tapestry of exciting experiences. While it might not be as famous as some other places, like Singapore and Thailand, Indonesia has a great system for traveling, making the journey smooth and magical. Let’s explore the wonders of Indonesia, where each step brings something unique and exciting!

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Indonesia's Top Travel Destinations

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Indonesia 101

  • Full name: Republic of Indonesia
  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Language: Indonesian
  • Main Religion: Islam
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiha (code: IDR; symbol: Rp)
  • Population: 279,000,000 (Over 279 Million People)
  • Time Zone: National Standard Time (UTC+7 to +9)
  • Calling Code: +62
  • Drives On: Left
  • Credit Cards: Visa/MC/AmEx accepted
  • Emergency Number: 112 (Ambulance 118 or 119/Police 110)
  • Outlets: Plug Type F, C (230 V / 50 Hz)
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Best time to visit Indonesia​

April to October is usually the dry season

October to March is usually the rainy season

May to September around the year is the sweet spot to travel Indonesia. Prices are getting slightly higher around this travel season.

Tip: Schedule your trip at the beginning or the end of the season to save some money. 

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Visa Arrangements for Your Indonesian Adventure

In Indonesia, citizens from 169 countries can obtain a visa on arrival, valid for 30 days, but it cannot be renewed or extended. If you plan to stay longer, you have the option to purchase a tourist visa, and there is a designated line for it in the immigration customs.

Sri Lankans can apply for an Indonesian Visit Visa (maximum 60 days) through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Colombo. 

Check here if you need a visa for Indonesia.

To ensure a smooth journey, arrive at the airport three hours before your flight. Roll your luggage on a trolley, holding your passport and air ticket. A security officer checks your documents at the entrance. Place bags and luggage on the scan belt for security checks. Once through, you can enter the departure area, exchange currency, and buy what you need.

After initial checks, proceed to the flight company’s counter, show your passport and ticket, and get necessary information. Fill the Emigration card unless you have a foreign passport. Move through the duty-free zone to the flying gate, displaying flight details on large screens. Use the registered place for cash transfer and enjoy facilities like free Wi-Fi and mobile chargers.

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About Rupiah in Your Indonesian Adventure

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the currency of Indonesia.  

There are banknotes of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100,000 IDR (Coins 100, 200, 500, 1000 IDR).   

Please note that these rates are valid for Indonesian currency as of January 2024:

  • 100000 IDR = 6.40 USD = 2061.21 LKR
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A Guide to Essential Indonesian Phrases for Travelers​

In Bali, many people speak English, especially in touristy places like Canggu, Ubud, and Seminyak. But if you go to more remote areas, not everyone may speak English as well.

However, the people who work in places like hotels and restaurants usually understand English pretty well. Even though the local language is called Bahasa and there are about 300 different ways people speak, many people still understand it.

So, while many people speak English, it’s a good idea to learn a few local words to make your conversations even more fun!

Useful Bahasa words to learn

  • Good Morning: Selamat Pagi
  • How are you?: Apa kabar?
  • Yes: Iya
  • No: Tidak
  • Thank you: Terimah Kasih
  • You’re welcome: Sama Sama
  • Sorry: Maaf
  • Delicious: Enak
  • To eat: Makan
  • Spicy: Pedas
  • No Spicy: Tidak pedas
  • Vegetables only (for vegetarians): Sayur saja
  • Cool: Bagus
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A Foodie's Guide to Indonesia

Food in Indonesia is not too expensive, and there are many yummy options to choose from. If you want to buy special drinks, it’s better to get them at the airport without tax. The drinks made in Indonesia might cost more.

Tip: Don’t drink water from the tap because it can make you sick, and that’s called Bali Belly. Be careful when eating food that might not be clean. Use bottled water to brush your teeth.

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Accommodations Across Indonesia

Download the app on your mobile to find and book flights at a lower price. Also, get the and Airbnb apps to find and book hotel rooms on your phone. Make sure your hotel is close to the places you want to visit the next day.

Tip: Bring a universal power adapter to charge your electronic devices. The wall plug points might be different from what you use in your country.

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Getting Around Indonesia's Islands

Book your hotels and lodges before you arrive.

You can rent a bike, car, or use taxi services. Look for bike rentals by reading reviews on the internet. Bring your valid international driving license, as it will be checked and recorded at the vehicle rental places. Avoid traveling with local taxi drivers as they may charge higher rates. Use a taxi app for lower rates, or rent a motorbike if you can ride one.

Download the Gojek app on your mobile to hire a bike.

Download the Grab Taxi app on your mobile to hire a bike or a car.

Traveling is easier on a bike when there’s a huge traffic jam on roads.

Use Google Maps to find destinations. Download your local area in Google Maps before starting the travel to use offline maps in case the data signal drops. Download Google Translate on your mobile. You can translate the text you type into their local language as you type on the app. Show the translated text to locals for easy communication.

If you’re going to Nusa Parida, book a ferry at or The prices are usually lower if you book online before. You can compare prices with other boat service providers.

Our flight to Jakarta from Sri Lanka, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, with Sri Lankan Airlines, provided great service. After landing, collect your bags and stay at the airport until your next flight to Denpasar. Indonesia is a visa-free country for Sri Lankans; a 30-day visa is granted at the airport. Move through immigration with all necessary documents.

For the domestic flight, use the sky train between terminals. After arriving in Denpasar, satisfy your hunger inside the airport, though prices may be slightly higher. We bought a sim card, took a taxi using the Grab Taxi app, and arrived at our booked hotel, RedDoorz Plus near Mall Bali Galeria 2, Denpasar.

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: Rates will be lower if you book online.

: Pay with cash and don’t link your credit card to taxi apps.

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Essential Packing List for Your Indonesian Adventure

We used backpacks because they were the best option to walk around the country. We realized it was a good decision once we arrived. The road conditions weren’t good enough to drag a suitcase in some areas, and we might have had to ride in a taxi to carry suitcases. Backpacks were easy to carry while walking. Also, backpacks were more convenient as we used a rented motorbike to ride around the country.

We were allowed to carry 20KG in bigger luggage and 7KG in hand luggage, depending on the airline ticket type. If you increase the luggage load at the last moment in the airport, you may have to pay a higher rate for excess luggage. So, keep that in mind and plan your ticketing accordingly.

We packed our lithium-ion batteries, cameras and extra clothes in our hand luggage. We had to pack our tripod, selfie stick, drone, shampoo, perfume, etc., in big luggage. Some of them were not allowed in the hand luggage as well.

Do not put your lithium-ion batteries into big luggage; always keep them in hand luggage. It is mentioned in the air ticket as well. Pack your drones safely covered with other things.

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Making the Most of Your Budget in Indonesia

Traveling in Indonesia can be as cheap or as fancy as you like. You’ll discover inexpensive homestays and even luxurious villas.

Here’s an idea of how much things cost for us (per person) during our 10-day stay in Indonesia:

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, around $35-60 a day is a good plan. But if you want to do lots of tours and activities, you might want to think about stretching your budget to $75 a day.

Cost per Day

$ 35 Per person
  • 5 $
  • 25 $
  • 1 $
  • 1 $
  • 4 $
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Prioritizing Health on Your Journey

It’s a good idea to get life insurance for the time you’ll be in the country.

Keep some medicines for general sickness and a first aid kit handy.

Use a face mask in dusty areas, and don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong sunlight in Indonesia.

Stay aware of tsunami and earthquake alerts.

Tip: Bring your own toilet paper because you might have to use public toilets. And ladies, it’s a good idea to take your menstrual cup on the trip.

While violent crime is rare, there’s a bit of petty theft, especially in touristy spots like Bali. To stay safe, always put your bag strap across your body and never leave your things alone.

Be careful at ATMs; skimming is common. Use machines directly connected to a bank or with surveillance.

From our years of travel, we always carry travel insurance. Safety Wing offers good adventure travel coverage and affordable monthly plans.

Besides petty theft, there’s a serious concern about alcohol poisoning, especially in Bali and the Gili Islands. Due to high alcohol import taxes, some local drinks might have harmful additives. Stick to reputable bars and restaurants.

Remember, Indonesia is strict on drugs, with the death penalty for some. Avoid carrying packages for others and stay away from parties where drugs might be present for your safety.