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The two cities are separated by a bridge. This area used to be shanties and was not in a liveable condition. The government eventually decided to remove this area due to its poor condition. However, a new idea was presented by a university, suggesting not to demolish the city but to transform it into a colorful tourist attraction. The government agreed to this proposal, and with the help of the air force, this place was transformed into the colorful cities of Rainbow City and Blue City.

This vibrant area was just about 200 meters away from where we stayed, so we decided to take a walk there. Tickets can be purchased at the Jodipan Colorful Village, and it’s amusing that you receive 2 fancy key tags as tickets.

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Malang is a city with a bit of traffic, so it’s advised to plan your visit in advance.

After returning from Rainbow City & Blue City, we went to Stasiun Malang Kota Baru train station to book a train to Yogyakarta, which takes around 7 hours. Keep in mind that train tickets cannot be booked after 4 pm; they can only be booked online past that time.

After purchasing online tickets, the device has to be scanned at the barcode scan machine installed at the station, where you can get your online booked tickets printed. Additionally, if the weight of the luggage is over 20 kgs, a separate ticket should be booked.

The station was very clean and organized, with digital signboards displaying train timetables and platform details for passengers’ convenience.

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