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Always try to stay 2-3 days at Nusa Parida. One-day tours are rushed, and there won’t be much time to sit, take a walk, and enjoy the places.We had a long sleep last night as we were so tired and woke up quite late, around 10 am. Our first travel location was Nusa Penida, a little island on the other side of Bali.

We took a taxi from our stay to Sanur port, where we needed to catch a boat to Nusa Penida. After getting our boat ride tickets, we had some spare time before our boat arrived, so we had some snacks and enjoyed the surroundings.

Tip: You can book the boat ride online at a lower price, and it’s even cheaper if you purchase a return ticket. We didn’t get a return ticket as we planned to stay for 2 days at Nusa Penida. If you’re staying for just 1 day, it’s best to book a hotel close to Sanur port and leave your heavy luggage there to travel more comfortably.

As our plan was to stay for 2 days, we carried all our bags. The boat crew helped load our baggage without any extra charges. Wear a short dress and rubber slippers as you have to walk through water to get onto the carrier.

After a 45-minute ferry ride, we arrived at Nusa Penida.

Tip: Be early to places. Most boats arrive from 8 am to 9 am, and as time passes, tourist places get more crowded. Wake up around 4 am to 5 am and visit places before 9 am.

There are many local taxi drivers waiting for you at the port, and you can also rent a motorbike. We decided to walk to our hotel, Yudi Homestay, which was about 1 km away. Later, we dropped our bags at the hotel and looked for a motorbike to rent for 3 days. We found a place, Warung Sisi Pasih, for a fair rental without fuel.

In Indonesia, wearing helmets is not mandatory, but it’s safer to use one. Remember to ask for helmets when renting a bike. We fully fueled the tank at a nearby petrol station.

We had some inexpensive food on the way, but not-so-great food. By the way there are many food options for vegetarians.

Our next plan was to visit Broken Beach to enjoy the sunset. We headed there on the rented motorbike. Although it was about 17 km away, it took nearly an hour due to the poor road conditions. The road was dusty and slippery, and we saw a few tourists with injuries and damaged bikes. Drive with care.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the beach before sunset. It was too dark to take a snap, and we had to ride slowly due to the bad road conditions. We returned to the hotel with plans to visit Broken Beach again the next day.

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Don’t visit Broken Beach in the dark. It’s not safe, and you might need help on the way, but there won’t be anyone around.

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Broken Beach

First thing in the morning, we started our ride from our place, Yudi Homestay, to Diamond Beach, hoping to experience the sunrise. It was about 28 km away.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side, and we missed the route, ending up at another beach.

Tip: Don’t follow Diamond Beach directly; you might miss the route. Search for Atuh Beach Parking on Google Maps.

Once we found the correct path towards Atuh Beach Parking, the road was a bit challenging at the beginning, and both of us couldn’t ride together. However, the later part of the road was well-surfaced and easy to ride.

Finally, we arrived at the Atuh Beach Parking and parked our bike. The walk from the park to the beach was short, and there we could see Atuh Beach on one side and Diamond Beach on the other. The view was amazing, and we forgot all our tiredness. It was a breathtaking experience, and we couldn’t believe the colors of the water and the sky were so real.

Tip: Be careful while climbing down the stairs; the protection line on the side is broken in some areas.

We flew our drone and captured the beauty of Diamond Beach. Having a sea bath at Diamond Beach is risky, so we just enjoyed the view.

There was an iconic hanger for a photo at Bali, but we didn’t ride it as it was expensive. The hanger had Public Liability Insurance coverage.

Although we only visited Diamond Beach, there are two other places nearby. Tree House offers an awesome viewpoint, and you can take photos for a fee. Atuh Beach is much closer from where we parked our bike. If you plan to stay longer, there are restaurants, and you can have a sea bath there.

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Don’t visit Broken Beach in the dark. It’s not safe, and you might need help on the way, but there won’t be anyone around.

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Crystal Bay Beach

After returning to our place and taking a break, our evening plan was to experience a sunset at Crystal Bay Beach, about 7.3 km away. After a 15-minute ride, we arrived at Crystal Bay Beach.

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Don’t visit Broken Beach in the dark. It’s not safe, and you might need help on the way, but there won’t be anyone around.

Maybe because it was about to sunset, there were more tourists than the other places we visited. But we could enjoy the time more freely without anyone’s interruption.

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Kellingking Beach

One of the main things we wanted to do in the Maldives was visit Kellingking Beach. We woke up really early at 4:30 am and rode about 14 km to get there from our place.

We were so early that when we arrived at Kellingking, there was no one else except the two of us. It’s best to be there early; otherwise, it gets crowded during the day.

Finding the location was easy, just like it’s shown on Google Maps. The distance from the parking to the beach is not too far, and it takes about 45 minutes to walk down the stairs at Kellingking Beach. Be careful while walking down as the stairs are not in perfect condition.

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Diamond Beach

Then our plan was to visit Diamond Beach. Now you know that we missed the sunrise at Diamond Beach on the 2nd day in the Maldives. Today we made sure to arrive on time as we didn’t want to miss the sunset again. The road was challenging to ride, so drive with care.

The natural creations at Diamond Beach were so perfect.

After that, we had completed visiting all our planned locations at Nusa Parida. We packed our luggage, checked out from the hotel, returned the rental bike, and had to walk carrying all our luggage to the boat to leave the island and head to Thanur.

Mount Bromo

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