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Mount Bromo is a volcano in Indonesia, and let me tell you, it was one of the craziest and coolest places we’ve ever been! At Mt. Bromo, you get to make your own adventure. You can hike and see amazing views of the volcano, and you even get to cross a sea of sand to hike on the volcano itself. And guess what? There aren’t any rails or fences blocking you off when you walk around its rim – it’s just pure, true nature! It was one of our best experiences in Indonesia, and if you ever go to East Java, you absolutely have to visit Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is a big volcano, standing at 2300 meters high in Java, Indonesia. The best time to visit is for the sunrise – it’s like a magical show at an active volcano! The volcano is surrounded by a wide-stretched sea of sand, and most people drive around in a cool 4×4 jeep. And here’s a cool fact – the volcano becomes active every 5 years, but don’t worry, the lava always stays inside.

Now, let’s talk about the next day of our adventure. We started from the Sanur port and took a 22 km taxi ride for about an hour to reach Mengwi Bus Terminal. From there, we booked bus tickets to Probolinggo, which is a 304 km bus ride taking around 9 hours. But here’s the best part – the bus was super comfy! It had AC, cozy seats, blankets, wifi, and even a toilet! During our journey, we had to cross between 2 islands, and our bus got on a ferry with all the other vehicles. There are no extra charges for the ferry ride! We had several floors on the ferry, and we could freely wander anywhere we liked. We even had a cup of tea on the ferry – how cool is that?

After this long but comfy journey, we finally arrived at our destination and stayed at RedDoorz Syariah in Probolinggo.

Our adventure continued to the next day, as we headed to Bromo, a fantastic place. Around here, you won’t find many tuk-tuks, but you’ll see lots of cool rickshaws. Since the rickshaw charges were a bit high, we decided to use a Grab taxi from Probolinggo to Bromo. It was a 36 km ride, and it took about an hour to get there.

We had our meals at Java Banana, a nearby place that was cool, and the food was super tasty. We didn’t want to risk getting sick by eating just anywhere, so we always looked for high-quality restaurants, even if the prices were a bit higher.

Now, here’s a cool part – we booked a jeep for ourselves right there in the city near Mount Bromo. Sure, we could have shared a ride with others, but we had our camera equipment with us, so we thought booking a private vehicle would be the best. Our jeep driver/ travel guide was awesome, and we just called him Sis. You can contact him on WhatsApp at 0822-3417-2061 for your bookings.

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You can book jeep tickets online, but we recommend arriving a day early to check out the prices of a few jeeps. You might even be able to arrange a jeep at a lower rate than what’s mentioned on online booking sites.

Make sure you’re ready with a jersey, a full-body covered dress, a face mask, and eye shades to protect yourself from the early morning cold and the black dust around the volcano area. And if you’re not planning a long trip, you can always rent jerseys from the hotel where you’re staying. Don’t forget camera covers to keep your equipment safe from the dust.

Our Jeep adventure began at 3:30 am. We got ready and started our ride, and we were dropped at Penanjakan. From there, we had to walk a slightly upward pathway for about 1.5 kilometers. The temperature was around 9 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it might even drop to 0 degrees. Despite all the walking and the cold, after witnessing the amazing sunrise view at Penanjakan, we realized that all the effort was absolutely worth it. We flew our drone there, capturing the breathtaking scenery. Keep in mind that this place can get a little crowded, and the ticket prices on Sundays are slightly higher.

When it comes to viewing the sunrise, there are three best options:

  1. Penanjakan (the place we visited).
  2. King Kong Hill.
  3. Bukit Cinta viewpoint. (However, a slight drawback here is that Mount Bromo cannot be fully viewed, as Bukit Cinta is located at the rear side of Mount Bromo.)

Choose any of the first two places depending on the crowd at each spot.

After the sunrise, our Jeep adventure continued towards Mount Bromo, and we arrived at the Mount Bromo car park. From there, we had to walk around 2 kilometers to see the mountain. You can ride on a pony if you prefer, but we decided to carry ourselves, not wanting to burden an innocent animal. Don’t forget to wear a face mask and shades to cover your eyes, as the walk from the car park to the mountain top is very dusty.

We reached the top of the volcano, and the feeling of standing there was an unforgettable and unbelievable experience for both of us. It was our first time seeing a volcano with our own eyes.

Then, we returned to our hotel as our plan was to head straight to Malang city. We went to the former city, Probolinggo. From there, we took a bus and went straight to Terminal Arjosari Malang. It was about a 2-hour drive.

We hopped into a taxi and went to a hotel around Malang.

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Before boarding the bus, check the cost on the website, or the brokers might try to trick you. Discuss the price, type it into your mobile calculator, and show them to confirm.

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